Research and production-oriented residencies provide a space for artists, researchers, and curators to live and work within the art center. 

From December 1 to 10, 2022, at the Dannemarie Media Library (10 rue de la Gare), Museum of the Spring created by students of Jean Monnet High School in the context of a residency in a school environment with the artist Louise Hervé.

From September 2022, broadcast on R22 webradio des arts et du commun of two new radio programs, Panimal by Valentin Ferré and L'Éléphant triomphal by Alexis Camille Chevallier and Anouk Moyaux, produced between March 2021 and January 2022 within the framework of the school residency program.

In July 2022, production residency by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.


In December 2021 & January 2022, school residency by Valentin Ferré with students from Collège des Trois Pays, Hégenheim.

In July 2021, research residency by the curator Selby Nimrod.

From May 2021, production residency by Jorge Satorre ahead of his solo exhibition at CRAC Alsace in 2021.

In April and July 2021, mediation residency by the artist Maëlle Cornut with members of GEM (Mutual Aid Group) Les Ailes de l’Espoir, in Altkirch.

In March 2021, school residency by Alexis Camille Chevallier & Anouk Moyaux with students from École élémentaire Les Tuileries, Altkirch, Collège Jean-Paul de Dadelsen, Hirsingue, Institut médico-éducatif and Collège Jean Monnet, Dannemarie.


From September 2020, production residency by Liv Schulman ahead of her solo exhibition at CRAC Alsace in 2021.

From April 15, 2020, Telling the garden, reflections on a workshop with medicinal plants, a conversation between Minia Biabiany and Antoine Aupetit about her school residency in Wittersdorf, available online as part of the program Windows (18 rue du Château).

In March 2020, research residency by the art collective Laboratoire des Hypothèses, with Nelly Catheland, Ce Soir (Hugo & Lise), Jocelyn Desmares, Fabrice Gallis, Eddy Godeberge, Charline Guyonnet, Romaric Hardy, François Henninger, Arthur James, Sophie Lapalu, Lou Lapalu Gallis, Margaux Lecoursonnois, Frédéric Leterrier, Virginie Levavasseur, Marthe Mauny & Sopi N'Guia.


In October 2019, school residency by Minia Biabiany with students from École de Wittersdorf.

In May and June 2019, production residency by Minia Biabiany in the context of the exhibition Le jour des esprits est notre nuit.

In 2018 and 2019, research residency by the graphic designers Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier.


In October and November 2018 and 2019, research residency by the art collective Laboratoire des Hypothèses, with Jocelyn Desmares, Fabrice Gallis, Eddy Godeberge, Charline Guyonnet, Romaric Hardy, Arthur James, Sophie Lapalu, Frédéric Leterrier.

In 2017 and 2018, production residency by Armando Andrade Tudela in the context of the exhibition On Working And Then Not Working.

In April and May 2018, school residency by Aline Morvan with students from Collège Jean Monnet, Dannemarie.

From January to March 2018, school residency by Hélène Moreau with students from École Saint Morand and Collège Lucien Herr, Altkirch.


From October to December 2017, hospital residency by Laetitia Legros with patients from Centre médical Le Roggenberg, Altkirch.

In June 2017, school residency by the artists Hover Craft, Mélanie Vincent & Ernesto Sartori, with students from Collège des Trois Pays in Hégenheim.

In May and June 2017, production residency by Jarbas Lopes in the context of the exhibition e a u.

In March and April 2017, school residency by Gérard Meurant with students from École maternelle d'Emlingen.


From November 2016 to April 2017, research & production residency by Frédéric Dialynas Sanchez.

In March 2016, school residency by Martin Chramosta with visual arts students from Lycée Jean-Jacques Henner, Altkirch.

In February 2016, school residency by Béatrice Bailet with students from École maternelle St Morand, Altkirch.


In July 2015, research and production residency by the artists Matteo Rubbi, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet.

In March 2015, school residency by Lucille Uhlrich with students from Lycée des Métiers, Carspach.

In March 2015, school residency by Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon with students from Collège Lucien Herr & École des Tuileries, Altkirch.


In July 2014, Broken English Training with Cristian Chironi.