From January to March 2018, school residency by Hélène Moreau with students from École Saint Morand and Collège Lucien Herr, Altkirch.

Eleven sculpture-objects made after the artist's first visit to the region give rise to a multitude of interpretations as to their possible functions. Students’ stories and reflections progressively create a database of interpretations which feeds into their own art production.

Hélène Moreau lives and works in Brussels. A graduate of ENSBA Lyon (2009) and the dual program at Arba-Esa & ULB Brussels (2011), Moreau's work starts with questions around the notion of design and construction. After residencies in France (Maison Daura in Midi-Pyrénées and Astérides in Marseille) and Belgium (RAVI residence in Liège) between 2011 and 2014, she focuses her practice on drawing and installation. A TAMAT research grant in Tournai (2016) enabled her to start working with weaving and digital collage. The forms that are produced are often an articulation or tension between imagination and rationality. In 2019, she presented her work at Progress Gallery in Paris as well as Été 78 and 1.61+ in Brussels.

This residency received the support of DRAC Grand Est—Ministère de la Culture and DAAC—Académie de Strasbourg. It was led by Jeanne-Claude Mori and Christelle Grivel, teachers.