In April and May 2018, school residency by Aline Morvan with students from Collège Jean Monnet, Dannemarie.

Following a series of observations, students experimented with different types of clay, questioning the notions of objects, traces and memories. The artist introduces her action based on Cassandra LaRue's fictional work, The Architecture of Art (1971), which deals with forms of research and experimentation. Drawings, photographs and casts led to explorations of the school and its surrounding area. A presentation at Gare-médiathèque de Dannemarie provided an opportunity to present the various phases of this research to the public.

Aline Morvan, born in 1982, lives and works in Geneva. Her art studies began at Université Paris 8 in Saint Denis. After four years and a master's degree in visual arts, she graduated from École nationale supérieure d'art de Limoges and École européenne supérieure d'art de Bretagne, Rennes. She later attended two training courses at the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design de Genève, questioning art in the public space and contemporary ceramics. Today, she teaches casting in this same programme.

This residency received the support of GIP Acmisa—Académie de Strasbourg. It was led by Marlène Freund and Delphine Payre, teachers.