In December 2023, research residency by Giga Dinette, a duo of artists comprised of Clara Valdes and Jane Bidet, graduates of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR).

«Between childhood and adulthood, long family meals, tasting cider, the first drink, the fizzy beverage of adults, rosy cheeks, serving clover tea, playing, using chalk as sugar, seeing the big picture, and then pretending while believing, imagining (or dreaming) the future.»

For Giga Dinette, the Sundgau region becomes the starting point for experiments and reflections around the apple, a fruit that concentrates childhood memories, myths and stories in its core. During this residency, the artists gather plants and glean various materials, which they later transform into dishes, utensils, sculptures or coins. These harvests are punctuated by meetings with local artisans and farmers, as well as with a gourmet chef. The collection of fruits, materials and artisanal and culinary know-how will come to life at a banquet marking the end of the residency, where a bartering protocol will allow people to taste, discuss, question and dream as part of this shared occasion.

«To be confronted by other materials
Wood from the orchard,
Apple, potato,
Grandma’s apple,
In an apple tree, a swing comes loose,
Mom who peeled and cut it for me,
Naka who makes apple juice,
The beauty of the market,
Call to apples by Léo and David, Ren
é-Sens Cider,
Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api, tapis tapis gris [Pippin Apple and Lady Apple, carpet gray carpet]
The Meisenthal
apple The story of Jane and the Christmas ornaments
Apples fall down on the leaves
Remaining evasive
The pie still warm,
A forbidden fruit?
Being just a child,
The crunchy bits in the compote,
End up falling in, passing out.

—C.V. & J.B., November 2023.


Giga Dinette

This project is supported by the Haute École des Arts du Rhin.