In May and June 2017, production residency by the artist Jarbas Lopes in the context of the exhibition e a u.

Known for projects such as Barraca Deegraça (2001), Troca-troca (2002) or Amazon Trip (2006), in which social exchanges and gatherings are central, Jarbas Lopes becomes a social engineer who brings together different communities to comment on either local or international social-political circumstances. Jarbas Lopes's work departs from popular culture, from a resistance to massification, and appropriates craft aesthetics in order to promote interpersonal exchange and to foster creative processes and social interactions among non-artists.

Many of the artist’s projects use ordinary materials from everyday contexts, which Lopes collects from the streets, creating an exchange with local populations. 

This residency takes place as part of his solo exhibition at CRAC Alsace, e a u.