In November 2023, school residency by Jérôme Girard with students from École des Tuileries, Altkirch.

Jérôme Girard develops a research and creation project based on listening of the living world with second-grade classes. Equipped with recorders, students capture the sounds of their immediate environment (fields and woods around the city), before creating artefacts that will diffuse this sound material. Together with Jérôme Girard, the students forge new links with the natural landscapes with which they interact everyday.

Jérôme Girard lives and works between Paris and Haute-Savoie. Graduate from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Art-Espace sector), he is interested in sound and listening as carriers of emotions, as well as in folklore and popular traditions. Blending different sound materials, from acoustic instruments to analog synthesis, field recording and sound design, he creates sensitive narratives. These oscillate between sound creations, live performances and installations, between concrete music, documentary phonography and sculptural research. Inspired by traditional forms and gestures, Jérôme recovers, gleans or trade materials, which he twists and gives a new meaning, a new relevance.

This residency is supported by DRAC—Ministère de la Culture and DAAC Académie de Strasbourg. It is led by teachers Karine Jaeger and Stéphanie Pupka.