In March 2020, research residency by the art collective Laboratoire des Hypothèses, with Nelly Catheland, Ce Soir (Hugo & Lise), Jocelyn Desmares, Fabrice Gallis, Eddy Godeberge, Charline Guyonnet, Romaric Hardy, François Henninger, Arthur James, Sophie Lapalu, Lou Lapalu Gallis, Margaux Lecoursonnois, Frédéric Leterrier, Virginie Levavasseur, Marthe Mauny & Sopi N'Guia.

Since 2014, members of Laboratoire des Hypothèses, an art research collective, have been searching for an island in the English Channel. Unable to reach it, they headed West looking for themselves on another continent. Now East, following a residency at CRAC Alsace, they are certain to finally reach a result, though not quite sure what the problem was to begin with.