On Friday, May 3, 2019 at 6.30pm, talk with Sophie Lapalu, curator, and Fabrice Gallis, Crew Captain of Laboratoire des Hypothèses, at Bar Atteint des Créatures in Belfort, as part of Festival Libres Regards.

Since 2016, Sophie Lapalu has organised a lecture series at Ecole supérieure d’art de Clermont Métropole entitled "I'm not a feminist, but", referring to Christine Delphy's diatribe of the same name. But, what exactly? But, we must articulate racism, sexism, or classism as systems of discrimination. But, there exists a non-invasive system of male contraception which nobody seems to know about. But… 

Fabrice Gallis is the founder of Laboratoire des Hypothèses. The lab consists of a group of people of varying ages, backgrounds, forms and subjects. He is working on transforming an abandoned islandPelée Island in the harbor of Cherbourginto an autonomous base for artistic experimentation. If spaces convey norms and determine practices, the lab is working on countering these, so as to thwart the frameworks of analysis and dominant actions which impoverish our experiences. 

This meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the experiences of the two protagonists, but also to address the work of artists (Adrian Piper, Pilvi Takala), activists (ding ding dong Collective) and thinkers (bell hooks, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Linda Nochlin) around issues of failure, margins, norms, dominant power, and who can speak for whom.

This talk is organised in the context of Festival Libres Regards. It takes place at Bar Atteint des Créatures, 25 rue de la Savoureuse, Belfort.