In February 2016, school residency by Béatrice Bailet with students from École maternelle St Morand, Altkirch.

Students created carnival character(s), fictional character(s) who later became inhabitants of the school. This character is called Paillassou. Inspired by a character from the Nice Carnival, Paillassou was embodied within the school through physical experiments ('Paillassou-throwing') and a series of workshops, from drawing to sewing, leading to the active participation of families and teachers in a collaborative process.

Béatrice Bailet (1984, Nice) is interested in the way that collective consciousness is transmitted through traditions and festivals. She often ventures into celebrations and parades, facilitating moments of exchange and expression in public space. Her contextual participatory performances, transdisciplinary collaborative works, and drawings all result from her experiences, which allow their participants and spectators to (re)discover a facet of their common history. Costume often recurs as a festive tool for recognizing oneself and others. Béatrice Bailet also creates human or animal costumes in a situation of courtship.

This residency was supported by GIP Acmisa-Académie de Strasbourg. It was led by Jeanne-Claude Mori and Patricia Hipp, teachers.