In June 2017, school residency by the artists Hover Craft, Mélanie Vincent & Ernesto Sartori, with students of Collège des Trois Pays in Hégenheim.

The students experimented with performance, volume, sculpture and installation, interrogating format and scale. Bodies and objects were deployed throughout the school's spaces: classrooms, playground, sports fields, tables. Students participated in working sessions around the notion of games, articulating an alternative way of thinking. These different sessions resulted in a research presentation inside the classroom as well as an artist's edition.

Hover Craft is an artist duo composed of Ernesto Sartori & Mélanie Vincent, a duo formed in Nantes in 2007 and now based in Brussels. Hover Craft refers to the projects they carry out together, an identity derived from H.P. Lovecraft that allows them to affirm a common production as distinct from their individual artistic practices. Between 2010 and 2012, they published Manufactured Monsters, a fanzine of objects, places and beings, floating between a repertoire of discrete elements and the possibility of a coherent narrative. They then extended the fanzine's layout into a physical composition: creating a territory constituted by a set of elements of different natures (objects / materials purchased, recovered, transformed, manufactured), while also focusing on display structures (libraries, shelves, tables, etc). In 2015 and 2018, they hired scenographic devices for a cabaret of artists performances. In 2016, in Cuneo (Italy), they took over a vacant space (with strange characteristics) and disguised it as an improbable tea room for a weekend's time.

This residency received the support of Fondation 29 Haussmann et de la DRAC Grand Est—Ministère de la Culture. It was led by Nathalie Bullier, visual arts teacher.