From September 2022, broadcast on R22 webradio des arts et du commun of two new radio programs, Panimal by Valentin Ferré and L'Éléphant triomphal by Alexis Camille Chevallier and Anouk Moyaux, produced between March 2021 and January 2022 within the framework of the school residency program.

Panimal and L'Éléphant triomphal document two residencies involving artists, students and teachers in a project of co-creation. These residencies are places of exchange that allow collective creation and reflection. Artists spend time with students and develop a relationship to pedagogy that infuses other potentialities into the life of the classroom. Intervening in schools, artists create situations that encourage students to get involved with, and learn about, emergent artistic practices. 

These two residencies were specifically oriented towards sound and recording practices. Involving elementary school students, middle school students, as well as students from a special needs school, each project was developed in close attention to its context and its audiences. 

Valentin Ferré was welcomed by students of Collège des Trois Pays in Hégenheim in December 2021 and January 2022. Using excerpts from theorist Baptiste Morizot's Manières d'être vivant (Actes Sud, 2020), students read, interpreted and reflected on their relationship to the living. At the same time, students were encouraged to create soundscapes using synthesizers, samplers, midi keyboards, vocoders, autotune, recordings of bird sounds, as well as their voices and microphones: miming the sound of wind, waves, thunder, volcanoes. 

L'Éléphant triomphal
Alexis Camille Chevallier and Anouk Moyaux were welcomed in March 2021 by four Special Needs ASH (Adaptation scolaire et Scolarisation des élèves en situation de Handicap) classes from Ecole élémentaire des Tuileries in Altkirch, Collège Jean-Paul de Dadelsen in Hirsingue, Institut médico-éducatif Marie-Jeanne Sirlin and Collège Jean Monnet in Dannemarie. By redeploying the archives of L'Éléphant de la Bastille (1810-1811) and redesigning the fifty-meter high building on the scale of their playground, the children and teenagers seized upon this delirious project to imagine a new set of stories. In their radio program, they invite you to listen to these stories through a guided tour inside an imaginary maze. 

These radio programs inaugurate a new series of podcasts developed on the CRAC Alsace antenna hosted by radio R22.