On Tuesday April 30, 2024 at 7pm, performance by Marthe Ramm Fortun TESTAMENT #3, in the framework of the second part of Friendship : That Shiver, That Aspen, an exhibition organized in collaboration with Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry—le Crédac.

Marthe Ramm Fortun visited the Natalie Clifford Barney archives at the Jacques Doucet literary library in Paris, where furniture, artworks and documents that once belonged to her are kept. During her research, two boxes of hair burst open, probably Barney’s hair extensions, like fragments of bodies preserved among the words. Marthe transcribes extracts of notes that resonate with her own private life, and incorporates them into her own writing*. From her discoveries, she creates an installation in connection with three performances that invite the audience to question the emotions that impact the relationship between the artist, the art center and its environment. The first chapter took place in Altkirch, the second was held during the Opening in Ivry-sur-Seine, and the third unfolds in the area around rue Jacob, near to the Temple de l’Amitié, in Paris.

Join us at 7pm at the Mûrier courtyard of Beaux-Arts de Paris! Free entrance. 

* Testament (2024) is a performative text written by the artist published in the CRAC Alsace booklet.