On Saturday April 27, 2024 at 4pm, Opening of the second part of Friendship : That Shiver, That Aspen, an exhibition organized in collaboration with the two art centers, at Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry—le Crédac.

At Crédac, the opening will be followed by a program of performances and a workshop: 

4pm—Workshop Epiderma_Ivry-sur-Seine (2024) by Caretto & Spagna. By reservation: contact@credac.fr.
6pm—Performance Testament #2 (2024) by Marthe Ramm Fortun.
7.30pm—Performance FRI(END) (2024) by Anna Byskov.

Friendship : That Shiver, That Aspen brings together Boris Achour (with Émilie Renard), Noémie Bablet, Caroline Bachmann, Anna Byskov (with Bertil Byskov, Margaret Byskov, Camila Farina and Sophie Lamm), Thomas Cap de Ville, Caretto & Spagna, Lola Gonzàlez, Donna Gottschalk, Tom Hallet, Eric Hattan (with Silvia Bächli, Rut Himmelsbach, Guido Nussbaum, Hannah Villiger and Anna Winteler), Dorothy Iannone and Sarah Pucci, Youri Johnson, Edit Oderbolz, Hatice Pinarbaşi (with Aram Abbas, Zahna Siham Benamor, Hugo Ferretto and Elif Pinarbaşi), Marthe Ramm Fortun, Marnie Slater (with Robin Brettar, Matilda Cobanli, Judith Geerts, Jessica Gysel, Katja Mater and Clare Noonan) and Sarah Tritz.

From April 27 to July 13, 2024, the exhibition Friendship : That Shiver, That Aspen unfolds at Crédac, in Ivry-sur-Seine, from Wednesday to Friday, from 2pm to 6pm, as well as on the weekend, from 2pm to 7pm. 
Friendship : That Shiver, That Aspen is still open until May 12, 2024, at CRAC Alsace!