In October 2023, publication of the exhibition leaflet THE BARK, designed by Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier, with texts by Elfi Turpin.

The image on the front of this document is a photograph of a painting by Lastenia Canayo García (Pecón Quena), a Shipibo-Conibo artist and healer who, through her embroidery, drawings, paintings and ceramics, conveys visions of Amazonian worlds according to which nature in all its forms is made up of guardian beings with whom humans interact socially. The guardian spirits of plants, animals and other-than-humans grant them their benefits in exchange for social behaviors based on reciprocity, avoiding depredation. The painting reproduced here is part of a vast body of work in which Lastenia Canayo depicts the guardian spirits of healing plants. The guardian spirit is portrayed alongside the red bark. Its morphology communicates the ailment to be cured. This painting accompanies us in the conception of the exhibition.