From October, 19, 2008 to January, 4, 2009, Waoohhh! Le merveilleux dans l'art contemporain (volet 1), a group exhibition with Alice Anderson, Michel Blazy, Nicolas Darrot, Johnston Foster, Christian Gonzenbach, Gaëlle Hippolyte, Vincent Kohler, Zoë Mendelson, Bruno Pelassy, Pierrick Sorin, Stéphane Thidet, João Pedro Vale, Virginie Yassef, curated by Sophie Kaplan.

The Marvellous displayed in Waoohhh! is successively the one of Alice, of fairy tales, of special effects and science fiction. The extraordinary and the supernatural are the heart of the exhibition and works, often spectacular, have a physical and / or visual impact that causes on the viewer an immediate wonder: the one when we keep eyes and mouth wide opened.

To achieve this effect, the artists draw on a variety of sources: World(s) of childhood, popular imagery, art history, the fantastic and even the contemporary world. In this research, all methodssometimes being even themselves creators of wonderfulare good: the expansion as the taste of detail, the burlesque , the special effects, the accumulation or the deformation...

If the pieces can not be reduced to their Marvellous appearance (they often offer a more severe aspect), the jubilation they cause is put forward in Waoohhh!, with a desire not only to give free course, the time of a visit, it reminds us the proportion of children that lives in each of us, but also asks ourselves about what constitutes this part of childhood and beyond that , the essence of the Marvellous.

Waoohhh! is organised with the support of Pro Helvetia—Swiss Arts Council.