From February 7 to May 16, 2010, Voyages extraordinaires, a group exhibition with Christoph Keller & Simon Faithfull, and a project room Mais Godard c’est Delacroix / Plan 1 with The Plug & François Génot, curated by Sophie Kaplan.

While different, the worlds of these two artists are marked by a shared interest in bodies of data relating more or less directly to science, and in the way such data can be reworked in the domain of art.

Reactivators of scientific experiments and adventures, both Simon Faithfull (in Escape Vehicles) and Christoph Keller (in Cloudbuster Project) set the issues of expedition and discoveryin either physical or mental termsat the core of their work.

The science they make reference to and use as material is essentially of the old-fashioned kind that leaves plenty of scope for myths and utopias: the scholar-demiurge, the inventory of the world, the discovery of new territories, etc. Thus, via "proto-scientific" experiments whose reach and interest are totally unaffected by the constraints of innovation and results, they liberate science's poetic, mythic and philosophic potential. In the Jules Verne tradition their works blend the technology of the present (or the past) with imaginary worlds, while their quirky ventures into the genre are examples of science fiction in reverse.