In September 2023, discovery of the art center and visit of OTTILIA, an exhibition by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days as well as the closing of OTTILIA.

⬪  On Saturday 16 and on Sunday 17, from 4pm to 5pm, closing of the exhibition and discovery of the art center. 

Free entrance. 

⬪ Saturday 16, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, image criticism workshop with Les mots du Clic for 12 to 20 year-olds: 

How do you look at an image? How can we understand its construction and purpose?  Les Mots Du Clic is a card game designed to question the way we look at images. It's a game of observation, interpretation and collective reflection. Armed with the Mots Du Clic, visitors can analyze a work in OTTILIA exhibition.

Workshop by reservation with Sarah Menu: Maximum 10 persons.