On Wednesday, June 28, 2023 from 2 to 6pm, a workshop followed by a talk at 6pm, led by Anna Byskov and Hannah Kindler from the somebody*ies collective, in collaboration withBiennale für Freiburg 2 (BfF2).

CRAC Alsace is pleased to continue its collaboration with Biennale für Freiburg 2 (BfF2).

Biennale für Freiburg (BfF) is a young platform for the presentation, development and mediation of contemporary art in Freiburg, Germany. It dedicates itself to artistically approaching urgent socio-political matters through means of varying thematic and conceptual frameworks. The choice for the commonplace acronym BFF and its meaning in popular culture, are quite intentional: a connection based on support and intimacy, conversation and honesty, combined with the genuine desire to never let this commitment end—Best Friends Forever.

From June 16 to July 30, 2023, the second edition of Biennale für Freiburg, curated by Paula Kommoss, under the title Das Lied der Strasse (The Song of the Street), presents an artistic program taking place in and beyond the city. Opening up the local art ecosystem to outside perspectives, Biennale für Freiburg generates transnational exchanges between artists and regional actors that broaden the cultural and artistic life of Freiburg.

In the framework of this program, from June 26 to 2 July 2023, the CRAC Alsace will host the collective somebody*ies for a research and production residency as well as for a workshop followed by a talk.

Considering the street as a place where collective action emerges, the somebody*ies chose to examine Klarastrasse in Freiburg. Named after the Clarissan convent, this street carries the history of a form of women's community sheltered from patriarchy, as well as that of the resistance of the working class organizing protest movements in the 1890s. Through this multi-perspective view of the street, the collective questions the place of individuals and groups within social movements calling for freedom of speech and protest.

During the workshop, the somebody*ies will make the objects (couture, textile) that will be activated during This is what we came for, an ambulatory performance in the streets of Freiburg during the Street Festival on July 21, 2023.