On Tuesday, February 7 at 4:30pm, opening of Radio Apu project with the CM2 B pupils from École des Tuileries in Altkirch and from IE 6100 Santa María Reyna school in Lima, Peru, conceived in collaboration with artist Arely Amaut, teachers Nataly Albornoz, Célia Beaudouin, and Rosa Rondinel Carrillo, director of the school in Lima.

Through Radio Apu and conversations with Arely Amaut, the students and their teachers have generated a dialogue between Lima and Altkirch. These exchanges have taken place in the exhibition The Four Cardinal Points are Three: South and North.

While discovering the exploration of the Apu mountain as well as the traditional technique of arpilleras led by students of the school in Lima, the pupils of the CM2 B class of École des Tuileries embarked on a search for local stories and legends, materializing them in ceramics inspired by the Kochlofa or Kachelofe, typical Alsatian stove. 

Arely Amaut is a reader, visual artist, graphic designer and conducts a research practice inscribed in ancestral-digital remembrance. She studies the Andean-Amazonian onto-epistemologies* embodied in the principles of Andean ancestral architecture. In 2017, Arely organized a series of open walks to one of the Lomas de Lúcumo de Pachakamak, a hill recognized as Apu (a guardian hill that protects the community) within the rural grouping of Quebrada Verde, Peru. In 2021, in collaboration with the local school IE 6100 Santa María Reyna, the platform Radio Apu emerged as an open intergenerational community dedicated to participatory listening. Radio Apu reminds us that we must “remember the future,” that we learn with the mountains, and invites us to “tune into the frequencies of our ancestors.”

* Refers to the study of the world’s material reality through Andean and Amazonian knowledges.