On Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 6.30pm, talk with Irene Kopelman & Juan Canela in dialogue with the exhibition On Glaciers And Avalanches.

(...) Whilst in this case the drawings mediate between the mountain and the human, diluting the division between culture and nature, the exhibition is the deviceor one of themwhich makes them public. We reflect on how to exhibit a work such as this one where time, climate, process, dialogue, and context carry such specific weight, and on the relation between, on the one hand, this methodology, research and production process in the mountains, and on the other, the procedure of conceiving an exhibition space that might communicate the work to the audience. We have attempted to relocate some of the preoccupations inherent to the workand to the art practice of Irene Kopelman in generalto our working process when devising and articulating the exhibition. (...)

Extract of Walking With Images by Juan Canela, August 2017.