On Tuesday, February 8, 2022 from 11am to 3pm, workshop presentation with Centre médical Le Roggenberg, Altkirch, & book launch of Estoffe, a book published on the occasion of Laetitia Legros's artist residency at the hospital.

Throughout the year, patients from the Medical-Psychiatric Hospital, accompanied by Margot Baecher (nurse), discover the art center’s exhibitions and develop artistic practices in dialogue with exhibited works. In 2021, discussions were initiated around Jorge Satorre and Benjamin Seror’s works in the exhibitions Black jacket, gray sweatshirt and Fascination. Workshops were organized afterwards, including writing, drawing, and sculpture workshops influenced by the exhibitions. 

This collaboration between Centre médical du Roggenberg and CRAC Alsace has been developed over several years through the continued dedication of nursing staff, who accompany patients within the exhibitions. These moments allow patients to discover contemporary art and explore artists’ concerns, initiating a dialogue that allows everyone to express themselves outside of the context of the hospital.

This workshop at the Medical-Psychiatric Hospital will also be the occasion for the book release of Estoffe, published on the occasion of Laetitia Legros’ 2017 artist residency at CRAC Alsace. The book will be presented by the artist. As part of this residency, visits were organized at local museums including: Musée sundgauvien (Altkirch), Musée Théodore Deck (Guebwiller), Musée de l’impression sur étoffes and Musée minéralogique de la Société Industrielle (Mulhouse). Within the museums’ collections, patients and nursing staff spent time observing, drawing, memorizing, and transcribing the items on view. These drawing sessions at the museum and the hospital led to the creation of a collection of images: objects, stones, and motifs whose outlines form overarching narratives.

This residency was supported by Agence régionale de santé (ARS) Grand Est.