In October 2019, publication of the exhibition booklet Le couteau sans lame et dépourvu de manche, designed by Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier, with texts by Richard Neyroud & Elfi Turpin.

The format of this publication is borrowed from Les Guérillères by Monique Wittig (Paris, Les Éditions de Minuit, 1969), the primary reference of the exhibition Le couteau sans lame et dépourvu de manche. The invitation serves as a book sleeve for this booklet, where the protagonists of the exhibition are gathered. This list echoes the names of the guérillères which mark the rhythm of the eponymous book and the female body detailed in capital letters on the cover of the original edition of Wittig’s third book, The Lesbian Body (Paris, Les Éditions de Minuit, 1973). Texts were translated by Jean-François Caro and Thomas Patier.