From January 22 to 28, 2018, Les martinets dorment en volant, a program proposed by art students from the No Name group of Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR).

Les martinets dorment en volant is the result of experiments from interdisciplinary encounters on topics such as displacement and humans and non-humans, as initiated by students from HEAR—Haute école des arts du Rhin as part of the seminar «Arts, Sciences et Société.» The program is proposed by the No Name group (Strasbourg) in collaboration with CRAC Alsace.

With Jinx Axyridis, Hugo Bonnifait, Laura Burucoa, Alexandre Caretti & Apolline Morel-Lab, Lucie Fer, Zoé Damez, Margot Derumez, Ondine Duché, Zoé Filloux, Ludovic Hadjeras, Milivanh Jantzen, Euna Lee, Mathilde Lequenne, Jules Maillot, Anouk Moyaux & Alexis Chevallier, Anouk Nier-Nantes, Garance Oliveras, Faustine Reibaud, Gabriel de la Roche, Maëva Rouquette, Elisa Sanchez, Adrien Von Nagel, Hazem Waked, and the participation of Jean Laniau & Elie Partouche for graphic design.

Les martinets dorment en volant is the result of a collective project between the students, their teachers, Alain Della Negra, Christiane Geoffroy, Cyrille Bret, Nicolas Fourgeaud, Oh Eun Lee & Jérôme Thomas, in collaboration with the CRAC Alsace team. A set of investigations appears in the exhibition in the form of installations, video works and performances. This proposal was built as a collective process, thinking and elaborating together.

«We are not certain that swifts sleep while flying. These migratory birds spend most of their lives in the air: they can spend up to ten months without landing. So it is likely that they rest in the atmosphere.
To be displaced is to be transported from one place to another. The term 'displaced' highlights both human and non-human flows which traverse our planet and our histories. More than linear trajectories, these displacements constitute sequencies that tie together place and movement.
Foxes take the subway, shipping containers cross the seas, and spirits teleport via networks. The rythm and speed of these displacements vary, shaping worlds that call out to our minds. For this investigation, none of us started from the same point: from bodies, from memories, on trees, under the earth, along coastlines or on the outskirts of cities.»

No Name, January 2018.