On Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 4pm, Unfinished Sentence, a performance by Tarek Lakhrissi.

«I write to be more real, or perhaps to bring myself closer to the real, I don’t quite feel that I exist when I don’t write, I learned to write so as to flirt with the real and to stay alive (perhaps), it allows me to see things a little sideways, a little more true, to be able to re-read and tie together classical stories for example, to copy out the sentences one by one so as to finally tear them up and destroy them. To write is to repeat. There are repetitions that make you unreal once again, this is where I disappear in my fantasy, in my characters, in my flesh, my blank spaces, my commas, my letters, etc. So many things happen between words. I love to lie also, this is where I feel most free, in lies. Lying.»
—Tarek Lakhrissi, October 2019.

With Unfinished Sentence, Tarek Lakhrissi conceives an installation in tandem with his reading of Monique Wittig’s Les Guérillères, interrogating various forms of domination and discrimination at the junction of sexism, classism, homophobia and racism. A soundtrack written in collaboration with Ndayé Kouagou combines themes from teen-dramas, Guérillères-type figures from television, such as Buffy or Xena, and references to nightlife. The work forms a space occupied by a variety of spears, somewhere between weapons, weathervanes, and signs. Bathed in purple light, both an allusion to the color of the movement in which Wittig was a longtime activist and a reference to the Lavender Menace, a lesbian radical feminist organization founded in New York City in 1970, this installation will host a performance inspired by his reading of Les Guérillères.