On Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 4pm, closing of the exhibition On Working And Then Not Working with Thierry Liegeois & Les éminent·e·s spécialistes du Sundgau at CRAC Alsace and Musée sundgauvien, Altkirch.

Les éminent•e•s spécialistes du Sundgau strike again, collaborating with the artist Thierry Liegeois for this new edition.

Les éminent•e•s spécialistes du Sundgau distinguished themselves during previous European Heritage Days at CRAC Alsace. In 2015, Elli Humbert, trained Egyptologist, was captivated by the Musée sundgauvien's mummy in Altkirch, whose powder is said to have been used by the painter Jean-Jaques Henner to produce many of his masterpieces. The following year, she collaborated with the specialist Richard Neyroud to investigate the Golden Tile and the Swedish Cannonball, leading them on the tracks of Swedish Alsace (1632-1634) and the birth and rise of modern capitalism. In 2017, upon discovering poet Nathan Katz’s personal photo albums, the duo struck again, launching Mission Apollo XIV in search of an infamous lunar golf game and the 1851 Red list Revolution of Altkirch.

September 16 will be heterotopic (or will not be). Les éminent•e•s spécialistes du Sundgau will expand on the region's histories: from Congolese knives to the disappearance of Fabiola at the 1885 Salon de Paris.

Rendez-vous on September 16 at CRAC Alsace in Armando Andrade Tudela's exhibition, the starting point of a special intervention at Musée sundgauvien.

This event will be followed by a second iteration on Saturday, September 22 at Cité internationale des arts in Paris as part of the Public Pool #5 program, organised by C-E-A / Association française des commissaires d’exposition.