From June 10 to September 13, 2009, Timewarp, a group exhibition with Jill Baroff, Anna Barriball, Vanessa Billy, Pascal Danz, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Schirin Kretschmann, Christelle Lheureux, Johannes Maier, Susan Morris, Sophy Rickett, Perry Roberts, Patrick Rohner, Dunja Herzog, curated by Felicity Lunn.

The Timewarp exhibition brings together works by twelve artists from different generations who investigate the ways in which the passage of time can be expressed visually through production, recording or manipulation.

While some artists engage with means of recording the duration of an actionwhether this is natural (Jill Baroff), personal (Susan Morris) or purely artistic (Patrick Rohner), others are interested in the aura of the memorythrough assemblage (Hans-Peter Feldmann), accumulation (Vanessa Billy) or accretion (Anna Barriball).

Paying particular attention to more current forms of production, the exhibition gives a large amount of space to the spheres of cinema and video and its strategies of temporal manipulation (Christelle Lheureux, Johannes Maier, Sophy Rickett, Perry Roberts) as well as to ephemeral or site-specific works. Schirin Kretschmann is, for example, presenting for the exhibition work that is simultaneously conceptual and highly sensual and combines an earlier piece with new installations created in-situ and may disappear during the exhibition.

From video to drawing and from painting to ephemeral installation, the Timewarp exhibition offers a subjective cartography of the ways in which time might be perceived and experienced that the exhibition works describe, investigate and invent.

Timewarp is organised with the support of the Consulate of Germany, Strasbourg and Pro Helvetia—Swiss Arts Council.