On Tuesday, July 17, 2014 at 7pm, reading of Quinn Latimer & Megan Rooney's O Labor, Sister Continent. 

This collaborative work by Quinn Latimer and Megan Rooney is inspired by Jean-Pierre Gorin’s documentary film Poto & Cabengo (1978), and its layered, elliptical depiction of twin sisters from Southern California who spoke in an invented language until the age of 8. Latimer and Rooney’s work uses the central relationship in Gorin’s film—of North American sisters raised in a “mutually poor linguistic environment”—as a model for their own relationship, in an installation and performance that centers around a script that will be both exhibited and performed live.

The script is comprised of an intimate and increasingly poetic conversation that begins in two distinct languages and gradually evolves into one shared lingua franca. In its writing and reading, Latimer and Rooney explore how various economies—of language, of gender, of space, of geography, and of class—come together to decisively shape our lives and relationships, and to form the very medium, language, in which we perform them.