Educative actions




Simon Bergala
Untitled, 2017.
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School audience


The CRAC Alsace accompains teachers and their schoolchildren/students from primary school to higher educations, in the discovery of contemporary art. Visits are adjusted to the schoolchildren's level and the subject matters of the class.

Visits can be elaborated previously with the teacher.

Teacher's meetings

For each exhibition we plan meetings with teachers from primary school to highschool. The visit carries on a discussion about the exhibition in order to provide some educational methods. We find different ways to introduce schoolchildren to contemporary art and many other fields, also we develop many areas of research from the exhibition.

Educational projects

The young public's awareness-raising for contemporary art is a main mission for the CRAC Alsace. Each year in a closed collaboration with teachers, some educational projects are devised on our exhibitions.

Reservation and information: +33 (0)3 89 08 82 59 -




Artistic residencies
in school environment
2016 - 2017





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Gérard Meurant
at Emlingen primary school



During March and April 2017, Gérard Meurant will take part on two classes of Emlingen’s village primary school. Thought in collaboration with pupils, this project approaches sculpture and image through different aspects therefore questioning bodies and spaces in motion.


Graduated from ERG, Ecole de recherche graphique (Brussels), Gérard Meurant lives and works in Brussels.




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Lovers Craft
at Trois Pays High school, Hégenheim



During April and May 2017, Lovers Craft, an artistic duet (Mélanie Vincent and Ernesto Satori), will develop a mobile project in Trois Pays High school, Hégenheim. Involving publishing, sculpture, and design, the project will develop itself, with the help from the participating students, to the whole scale of the high school.


Both graduated from Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Nantes, Mélanie Vincent and Ernesto Satori, live and work in Brussels.


This project is supported by Fondation 29 Haussmann.


Artistic residencies with the public 2014-2016
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Artistic residency
in hospital environment





Laetitia Legros
Entre un œil et l’autre - Variation chorégraphique #1 pour tracé, 2007
Film 35 mm & Béta num., black & white, 12’30
Courtesy the artist & Le Fresnoy.



Laetitia Legros
at Centre médical Le Roggenberg, Altkirch



In October and November 2017, the artist Laetitia Legros works with a group of patients from the Medical center. Drawings made at different museums in the region (Musée Theodore Deck in Guebwiller, Musée d’Impression sur étoffes in Mulhouse, Musée sundgauvien in Altkirch) are used to create an observatory inside the hospital. This place is at the same time, a research laboratory and an exhibition hall, beginning of an edition project.


Graduated from Ecole nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges and also from Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporain, Laetitia Legros lives and works in Lille.




Collective Reading Rooms




Collective Reading Room #16:
Augusto de Campos, Poetamenos


Invitation to a collective reading of Poetamenos by Augusto de Campos. A proposal by the artist Jarbas Lopes.


Reading on Sunday, July 30 at 2.30 pm.



For adults.
Free participation on reservation. Max. 8 persons.






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Collective Reading Rooms 2016-2017




CRAC’S Laboratories




musa Musa paradisiaca, Motherboard (Carte mère), 2014.
Courtesy Dan Gunn, Berlin.



CRAC’s laboratories


11 - 15 years old.
Next session in March & April.



CRAC’s laboratories are a space for dialogue and discovery of contemporary art. The meeting with works allows otherwise understand the image of everyday life. They question contexts, represents, modes of representation of current evens and social issues. The art is involved in a critical angle to sharpen our gaz and our thinking about the world.







Crac Workshops




Natalie Czech
Pen / Shirt, 2016.
Courtesy of the artist, Capitain Petzel, Berlin and Kadel Willborn, Düsseldorf.




All along the year


During these workshops, children often improve their practice of visual arts throught artistic processes and questions encountered within the exhibitions.


Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm, for children from 6 to 10 years old.



Inscriptions and informations: +33 3 89 08 82 59 or




The workshops are supported by Géant des Beaux-arts.